#262 From Successful Side Hustle to a 6+ Figure Business in Less Than a Year with Gitti Lindner

If you’re running a side hustle and wondering – can I really turn this into a full-time business? You need to meet Gitti Lindner…

Gitti is a ceramicist and founder of Cinder Ceramics. What began as a side hustle has turned into a business that allowed her to “semi-retire” from her day job as a linguist (and only because she still loves the job enough to keep working.)

She just completes a year in our high-level coaching program, Momentum, and her brand has blown up in the past year.

With the help of our expert coaches, her die-hard community of fans, and brand new studio space, Gitti has…

  • Replaced her full time income (and then some)
  • Partnered with Tik Tok and had several videos go viral
  • Opened her first dedicated studio for production
  • Had her first $12,000 month
  • And so much more…

It’s inspiring to hear what happens when someone knows what they want, stays positive, and takes FULL responsibility for their business

So I knew I just had to get her on the podcast and hear how she reached this level of success…

Click here to download the show notes

Community Engagement

Gitti is a glowing example of a philosophy we preach here at F&TA – the customer should be at the center of your brand.

She often brings to life the visions and designs sent in by her true fans, creating custom works they can treasure forever.

By making her customers essential to the design process, she’s nurturing priceless customer loyalty among her true fans.

Private Studio Space

Like most “side hustles,” Cinder Ceramics started out in Gitti’s living room.

It wasn’t long before the orders started flooding in – and driving all across the city to fire her pottery was no longer an option.

When the perfect commercial space opened up only two blocks from her home, Gitti took the leap and set up shop in a private studio space.

This investment in her business paid off almost immediately, allowing her to fill orders in record time.

Professional Coaching

Once it became clear that Cinder Ceramics was growing into a full-time gig, Gitti thought, “If I’m going to invest in this studio space, I might as well go all the way.”

That’s when she found our Momentum Mastermind coaching program, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Listen to the full episode above to hear the full story of how she replaced her full-time income, got sponsored by Tik Tok, and so much more!

xo, Tracy


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Bead Trends: Styles, Colours and Shapes | The Bench

The sun is out, the pubs are open and it is time to welcome the great British Summer and all that goes with it. And what does Summer equal in jewellery terms? That’s right, you’ve guessed it, BEADS! Fun, frivolous and in every conceivable shape, colour and style; they are just what we need right now and we have oodles of them available at the touch of a button. Read on to see what styles are currently trending here at Cooksongold.

Semi-Precious Beads

Rose Quartz Semi Precious Round Beads 6mm, 16″/40cm Strand (67SPQR02)

The delicate pink of Rose Quartz never fails to please and is proving extremely popular with customers at the moment. Our Rose Quartz beads are light, fresh and perfect for casual summer necklaces and bracelets. Layer them up to create an effortless Boho Chic look and try mixing them with other materials such as wood, metal and leather to keep things interesting. Available in 16” strands of 6mm – 10mm round beads, as well as nuggets and ovals.

Seed Beads

Miyuki 11/0 Round Seed Beads Duracoat Galvanized Silver 24g Tube, Miyuki Code 4201 (67SBR502)

 With so many to choose from, pinpointing the most popular seed beads is not without some difficulty. However, these Duracoat Galvanised Silver Seed Beads, produced by the mighty Miyuki, are currently outstripping the competition by some distance. The silver lining gives these tiny beads that extra element that is earning them some fantastic reviews with customers. Available in both silver and gold options, they are perfect for adding a little sophistication to designs.

Glass Beads

Crackle Clear Glass Beads 6mm, 16″/40cm Strand (61GLCR04)

Glass beads add light and iridescence like nothing else and neutral colours go with absolutely everything, so it’s no surprise that our clear glass crackle beads are topping the leader board right now. With an internal crackle, similar to ice, the shadows and shapes give these beads a unique visual quality which draws the eye. Team with pops of bright colour for contrast or layer with silver metallics, greys and blacks for a monochrome effect. Available in 6mm and 8mm.

Wooden Beads

Tiger Ebony Round Wood Beads 10mm 16″/40cm Strand (67WDTE01) 

Big round wooden beads scream beach and Bermuda shorts like nothing else, I can almost taste the surf! A stalwart amongst surfers, the natural tones of our Tiger Ebony beads lend themselves beautifully to unisex designs. A 16” strand contains around 42 x 10mm beads which can be mixed with different tones of wood or interspersed with metallic spacers for interest.

Speciality Beads

Ceramic Owls, 16x14mm, Hand Painted, Pack of 10 (67SYCE02)

If you are looking for something a little different, our range of animal beads is proving to be a hit with customers at the moment. Our ceramic owls have a quirky charm about them, each individually painted so no two are quite the same. Use as feature beads or mix with other animal beads to create a full-on menagerie!

Acrylic Beads

Mixed Colours Miracle Beads Round 6mm Plastic Pack of 200 (67AC0150)

Interestingly, pink is proving a popular colour choice across many of our bead ranges right now and with 40% off, these opaque pink beauties are flying off the shelves. Looking exactly like strawberry bonbons, these acrylic beads measure a fabulous 14mm in diameter making them excellent for eye catching statement pieces. Team with similarly toned pastels to complete the ‘sweetie’ theme.

Metal Beads

Sterling Silver Beads Plain Round 4mm Pack of 20 2 Hole Bead (NVQ D04X)

When it comes to metal beads, nothing beats the classic, plain and round, 2-hole standard. If you already use them, you will be only too well aware of their versatility and if you don’t… well what are you waiting for? We stock sizes from 2.5mm – 16mm giving you a wide range of options with 4mm being one of our absolute bestsellers. Once tried, you will not want to be without them.

To view the full range and to take advantage of some of our amazing offers during Bead Month, go to cooksongold.com/Beads-and-Stringing/

Written by Joanna Varney

Joanna has worked in and around the jewellery industry for well over 20 years. She has designed and created her own pieces as a designer maker, as well as working in jewellery retail on a much larger scale, producing designs and NPD for some of the UK’s largest high street retailers

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Three Beautiful Beading Projects for National Beading Week

How to Make Polymer Clay BeadsAre you looking to challenge yourself this International Beading Week? Do you want to try your hand at creating something different? This year, we’ve collaborated with BeadSmith this International Beading Week to present you with three amazing projects for you to try at home.

Once again, International Beading Week is here! This week is all about celebrating the art and craft of beading in all its form. That is why at Cooksongold, we have a ton of amazing deals on our beading ranges as well as all sorts of projects for you to do at home.

Whether you’re starting out and learning the basics or you’re an avid crafts person who’s been crafting with beads for years, this week is for you.

So here are three amazing projects for you to try at home.

Super Duo Honeycomb Bangle

A simple but rewarding project for the crafter looking to build on their skills. Once you learn how to make a Honeycomb Bangle and the principles of how to create them, it opens you up to much more creatively.

To create a Superduo Honeycomb Bangle, you will need:

  • 2 Beading Needles
  • Sissors
  • 2 Size 11 Miyuki Seed Beads
  • 20 Superduos or Superduos Duets
  • 36 Honeycomb Jewels
  • Fireline in 4lb or 6lb
  • 72 True 2 Beads

Carousel Beaded Beads

A project that is best for Intermediate Level crafts person. It is perfect for someone who is experienced in beading and looking for a challenge to take their skills to the next level. This project will show you how to create beautiful Carousel Beaded Beads.

For this project, you will need:

  • 10 Honeycomb Beads
  • 5 Super Duos
  • 5 4mm Fire Polish Crystals
  • 1 gram #11 Round Seed Beads
  • #8 Fireline
  • #12 Needle

Duo Diamonds

Are you looking for an opportunity to try your hand at using a beading loom? Are you itching for a project but unsure where to start? Well, here is your chance as you can go and learn how to make Duo Diamonds.

To create Duo Diamonds, you will need:

  • Beading Loom
  • Size 8 Seed Beeds
  • Super Dui Beads
  • Beading Thread Size 10 Two Inch Beading Needle
  • A Clasp of your choice



If you want to make the most of International Beading Week, checkout all the deals and offers we’re running right now.

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Meet the Rightful Queen on My 13th Blogversary

In honor of my 13th blogversary today, I’ve overcome some long-running technical problems and broken into my own blog in order to say hello. My dire need for a new website/blog developer (comment with your resume!) reminds me of the good old days of my blog’s random removal from listings by the now-defunct search-engine Technorati (2007); its incorrect categorization as spam by Blogger (2008); and the somewhat more recent ups-and-downs with a company I carefully refer to as “Poodle.” While a lot has changed in the world during my blogging career, my problems with technology have remained consistent and that’s … well, that’s something, isn’t it!


Despite the number 13’s bad reputation, this has been a happy week from a personal perspective. Yesterday, MrB and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary. And, more thrillingly, the day before that, Isabelle Steiger — my youngest stepdaughter — published her new book, The Rightful Queen.

Click for reviews and shopping links. (Customization of dust-cover corner courtesy of Robin the kitten.)

This is the second book in an epic fantasy trilogy that Isabelle began with The Empire’s Ghost in 2017.

Click to read my original post on “The Empire’s Ghost” and learn all about the world Isabelle has created.

I loved the first book and not just because Isabelle wrote it. In fact, I was so engrossed in The Empire’s Ghost and its characters that I kept forgetting I’d known the author for most of her life. Instead, I would periodically think, “I’m so glad I picked up this book!” Isabelle’s talent is even more evident in The Rightful Queen, but you don’t have to go on my say-so: Here’s the Publishers Weekly review.

Click for source.

Both of Isabelle’s books are available at Barnes & Noble, other large retail chains, fine local bookstores, and libraries. Of course, it’s also available at that company that got its start as an online book retailer but now makes a lot of money selling information about people in order that the Trump regime may persecute them more efficiently. If we break up the tech monopolies like Elizabeth Warren told us to, I might be willing to mention that retail outlet by name.

Related links:

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#261 Visionary Habits that Create Quick Momentum

Do you have a clear vision of what you want out of your business?

We creatives tend to dream big – and contrary to popular belief, that’s actually a gift in business, if you know how to use that energy to generate momentum.

So I’m shocked by how many conversations I’ve had recently with designers and creatives who gave me a blank look when I asked them about their vision.

Without a vision, you’re bound to hit a plateau!

Tbh… I think it was the universe telling me it’s time to record this episode.

So let’s dive into the five steps you should take to start creating visionary habits.

Click here to download the show notes

Cast A Broad Vision

Honesty is important when you’re casting a vision for your future.

It can be hard to admit exactly what your vision is, especially when it feels unachievable. But you can’t start working towards those goals until you get real about where you’re at and where you want to be.

Your vision doesn’t have to look any certain way. I know designers who want to build a million-dollar brand, and I know designers who just want the freedom to not worry so much about work and money. 

You do you, m’dear!

Work Backwards

Once you have a solid vision in your mind, it’s time to make a plan.

It’s much easier to start from your vision and work backwards than to wildly speculate about what the next step should be.

For instance, let’s say your goal is to make one sale on your website every day. You can start by figuring out how much web traffic you need to get one sale, and then figure out how to better drive traffic to your website, etc.

Clarify Your Actions

We all know a plan is nothing without action to back it up!

So many designers waste time and energy on things that are not moving them toward their goals. Your priority should always be the actions you need to take to make your vision a reality.

This may be the hardest step because you have to be consistent every. single. day. 

There are two final steps in establishing visionary habits, listen to the full episode above to learn more!

xo, Tracy


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Simone Favarin and his transepochal jewelry concept

Favarin Jewelry 7

There are many beautiful brands and designers in the world, but Simone takes the story, the thought behind his jewelry, a very big step further. This and more stood out for me, but let’s start with that exclusive and rather unique collaboration between Gieffe Patrimoni and Favarin. 

A Unique Collaboration between Gieffe Patrimoni and Favarin

Simone shares immediately more about this extraordinary collaboration:’’ In the “luxury” and “real estate” sector, this new alliance was born between two excellences of the Italian and Piedmont territory: Gieffe Patrimoni Real Estate Advisor by Gerardo Festa and my exclusive jewels.

The COVID-19 emergency was strongly felt in my home country, Italy. Luckily, nor I, nor my loved ones were affected by the health emergency that it created. 

In my work life, not much has changed. I always embraced ‘’smart work’’. It just changed a part of my work, but I understood the opportunity to immediately switch to online meetings on my website. I don’t have a physical showroom. Usually, I meet my clients in the privacy of their homes. It creates a more intimate setting as they are more comfortable talking about their lives in a place they know. 

This, of course, was and it is impossible under a pandemic, so I chose Cisco as a technology partner, and those who want to make an appointment can book a video call that is performed with this secure technology, in which the client doesn’t lose video contact. You have almost the same intimacy as to be in the same place.

It did feel like an artistic approach and offered me the opportunity to really listening to the client. 

‘’In this period the idea of a partnership between me and Gieffe Patrimoni of Mr. Gerardo Festa was born. Gieffe Patrimoni Real Estate Advisor is a strategic partner in the management and development of real estate properties. The buyer will be able to commission a customized work in “single copy” included in the purchase of the property at a special price’’.

Favarin Jewelry GieffePatrimoni

Courtesy of Gieffe Patrimoni, from their portfolio

Gieffe Patrimoni

I asked Simone; ‘’ I think that collabs are going to be one of the ways of the future of brands and designers. These collabs can be between different jewelry brands but also a little more out of the box. You have started such a collab with Gieffe Patrimoni. I love the idea of such an out of the box approach! Take us with you and tell us more about how this came to be! And how you are connected and, of course, what the collaboration is all about’’

Simone: ‘’I always try to think out of the box, and I love to mix things”.

Favarin Jewelry GieffePatrimoni4

Courtesy of Gieffe Patrimoni, from their portfolio


Mr. Gerardo Festa is the CEO of Gieffe Patrimoni Real Estate Advisor. 

I’ve known Mr. Festa for a long time, and I highly respect him. Gieffe Patrimoni is a strategic partner in the management and development of real estate properties. An exemplary interpretation in a constantly changing world. They are all about these three words: NOW, NEW, NEXT’’. Born from experience in the residential and retail real estate sector, Gieffe Patrimoni Real Estate Advisor, today has offices in Turin, Milan, Rome, Alba, and London.

Favarin Jewelry GieffePatrimoni.7

Courtesy of Gieffe Patrimoni, from their portfolio

More about Gieffe Patrimoni:

Gieffe Patrimoni is a strategic partner in the management and development of real estate a clear interpretation in the world in constant change and a point of reference to choose all the opportunities. The real estate firm design strategies and methods aimed at creating value, providing high-quality services in real estate consulting and brokerage. Ensuring operational dynamism, flexibility, and speed of response to the market’s changes. Provide methodologies applied to the international market as a whole to meet every need.

Favarin Jewelry GieffePatrimoni.6

Courtesy of Gieffe Patrimoni, from their portfolio

Gieffe Patrimoni Real Estate Advisor follows the customers for all the types and sizes of properties from individual units to large building complex, industrial, and retail development properties.

The partnership focuses on real estate transactions concluded at one of the Gieffe Patrimoni studios. The new owners will have the opportunity to meet me and receive a jewel of their choice, tailored and possibly customized. The buyer will be able to commission a customized Jewel in “one of a kind copy” included in the purchase of the property at a special price.

Discover more about Gieffe Patrimoni Real Estate Advisor: http://gieffepatrimoni.com/en

Favarin Jewelry GieffePatrimoni.2

Favarin Jewelry GieffePatrimoni.3

Courtesy of Gieffe Patrimoni, from their portfolio

Simone Favarin Jewelry

Simone lives near Torino and works with the great goldsmiths in Turin and Valenza, which is the small town I once lived too and the epicenter of artisanal Italian jewelry making. 

He has a collection of jewelry on his website, but he also loves creating bespoke jewelry. More about that later, but let’s start with his description of how he thinks about jewelry. I promise you; you will understand immediately why I am so intrigued by his intellectual and mindful approach!

Simone answers my question on how he thinks about jewelry with these words; I think of jewelry as a symbol of knowledge and power. Conceptually, both are precious symbols. If I break it all down, I see jewelry as the sort of temporal door that guards time. It’s, in a way, an intimate diary at times. Each incision in a ring, for example, isn’t just a design idea or a psychological approach of form but should be seen as an identifying ideogram. Do you see? I promised you that Simone Favarin has a unique view on jewelry! 🙂

Favarin jewelry3

How it all started

Jewelry may not have been the obvious choice for Simone Favarin, but when you learn more about his childhood and early years, it becomes obvious how he came to be the treasured jewelry designer we know today. 

Simone: “I was a child that was both eclectic and extremely creative. At eight years old, I learned Michael Jackson’s Thriller choreography by heart. A fun fact is that my whole family descends from dance teachers! So, they decided to take me to an audition. At 14, I became an Italian champion, multiple regional champions, and master. I danced until the age of 18, but an injury put a hold on my international career”.

After the dance

Simone was forced to stop dancing at such a high level. But a creative mind will always find and explore other routes to express the creative brain and the inner passions of the soul. While Simone studied graphic design and typography, he also started to study music and play the piano which he later switched to classical guitar.

Simone says: ‘’My passion for design and jewelry began around the same time. But It was my growing passion for technology that made me enroll in the European Design Institute. Which led to a diploma in digital & virtual design’’. 

In fact, his career started in this field and led to winning over 14 awards! A huge accomplishment.

Favarin Jewelry 2


Simone had followed his father’s before. After all, he gained his diploma in typography, just as his father did. And it was once again his father who sparked his interest in jewelry. ‘’My father sold jewelry and I just became fascinated and passionate to the point where I started to see so many things come together. The material, links, and even text! It was a small step from that point to opening the curtains and discover the world of structure and sculpture in the goldsmith’s art field. Diving in, I started reading and gaining information through all kinds of media. Playing with everything I learned and experiencing the natural aptitude within me for bringing the diversity of arts together’’.

Simone, who worked also as an industrial designer, became more interested in 3D printing, to the point where he created sometimes things for friends using this technique. Obviously, he explored this technique further in his jewelry design endeavors.

‘’I had explored so many fields before my adventure in the jewelry industry took off’’! 

Favarin Jewelry 3

From jewelry passion to jewelry profession

‘’I decided to turn it into a business, and, once again, I turned to education and attended an academy in Turin, the “E.G. Ghirardi” Foundation Directed by Carlo Mora. Founded in 1904, is the first Italian school dedicated to jewelry making that teaches solid technical and professional skills. Once started, I dived in deep. Feeling and feeding a deep fascination for both jewelry and gems. I started to explore everything’’. 

Simone: ‘’You know, I think and feel that ornaments are a natural evolution in my world. It all comes together. The sophisticated technology preludes great knowledge—the knowledge also of art and the human soul’’.

Transepochal Jewelry

Simone prides himself on not following fashion when it comes to designing his jewelry collection. “If you study the past also on a geopolitical level, you quickly learn that: the history of the world is also the history of desire. And money is there as a currency to satisfy that desire’’.

Simone continues: ‘’Fashion is contemporary. It’s always changing. Jewelry, in some cases, can be a medium for a higher meaning. I will explain that better. But it’s perhaps thanks to my Italian roots that I have a natural feeling for form. 

A philosophy on not following fashion follows as Simone says; ‘’When I think of jewelry, I think of the meaning, and not just of an aesthetic ornament. Aesthetics, much like fashion, are slaves of a period. I think of forms that are contemporary now as in a thousand years’’.

For this reason, I don’t think about collections or trends. I try to work for archetypes, which are much more precious and profound, as they have been within us for thousands of years. I take ancient techniques. For example, should anyone place my Byzantine rosary in a museum of ancient art, aesthetically, she or he would not know how to date it. It does not just follow an aesthetic form but encloses an archetype that gives our mind the image of its value’’. I see my jewelry as transepochal jewelry’’.

Favarin Jewelry 4

Psychology and Jewelry

Simone: ”I also studied neurobiology, and I am passionate about psychology of interpersonal motivational systems. I create my jewel with my client, whom I call the custodian. Since a jewel is handed down, nobody ever really owns it. Most of my work (if you can call it that) is listening and empathizing with the soul I speak with. I listen to the soul’s scale of values of my client: what does that jewel mean to you, why do you want this, how do you think it can help you? ‘’

Simone, understanding my interest in psychology and motivation, dives into the matter with clear enthusiasm: ‘’A Solitaire is not just a white gold ring with a diamond; it is the key to knowing if another person wants you for a lifetime’’.  ‘’If we read the archaeology of the mind written by Panksepp, it becomes easier to understand that every human being moves for a real or presumed goal.

Each goal, if satisfied, will have a reaction (or not). My job is to transform the soul or a complex thought into a form that concentrates it.  As if we had a star in our hand. If you satisfy this, the price becomes irrelevant’’.

Favarin jewelry 6

The future: selling through augmented and virtual reality?

I don’t really have any projects to show as they are created on the client request, so my strategy was to convert the physical encounter with the one-to-one virtual meeting that can be done anywhere the world also by phone or augmented reality. Distant, but close.

The rest of the process remained the same. I don’t have the usual delivery times for a piece, maybe it takes months to be perfect as I understand it, but I share every part with them and pass through messaging, photos, and videos. I like customer care, and I feel that my clients are part of the creation as much as possible. I think that the future will be in this direction with the improvement of Virtual Reality technologies.


I asked Simone: ‘’What can you tell me about the Hathor ring? What is the idea behind it, and what does it make so special?’’

Simone loved this question: ‘’What a beautiful and complex question at the same time! The Hathor Ring or N°0 project was born when I was in the academy years ago. There was a call for participation in a project for a competition. The challenge was combining the Egyptian references of Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida to ancient Egypt.

I loved this challenge and I was smitten as I started looking for symbols. I wanted a powerful archetype, and I chose the goddess of joy and beauty Hathor. Hathor (from the original Egyptian: ḥwt-ḥr; which means House of Horus, Hellenized Ἅθωρ, Hathor) is an Egyptian deity belonging to the religion of ancient Egypt. She is a goddess of joy, love, motherhood, and beauty’’. 

‘’Throughout Egyptian history, she was one of the most important and revered deities; her cult, of prehistoric and predynastic origins, extended from the Pharaonic court (considered the symbolic mother of the pharaohs) to the humblest classes. I worked on its archetype, I wanted a minimal form that crosses the times, but powerful. The most incredible thing is that my research on form psychology attracts people without them really knowing why as if it were inscribed in their DNA. A conceptual project, the strength is in the form, which seems simple, but requires and delicate balances. I arrived as a finalist in the competition. In fact, it is one of the Icon projects that I carry out in a limited series and generally on request’’.

Favarin jewelry 5

The Byzantine Ring

‘’The Byzantine faith is another most fascinating project of mine. The iconic project can be found in my shop with black diamonds in white gold. I love Byzantine art. I have been to Istanbul, however just living in Italy, it’s easy to have access to the most beautiful mosaics such as San Vitale in Ravenna or the Pala d’Oro in Venice. I went to those places to see the magnificence of the work-life. I spent hours, motionless studying forms, and dynamics.

The shape is unisex, and although it was conceived conceptually by men, the female audience really likes it’’.

The Saint Archangel Michael ring

‘’This is my most ambitious project! It took me almost two years just to study the subject and the research of the right materials! I wanted to create a little finger ring full of symbols and meanings. 

This is how the idea of ​​a ring that depicted the archangel Michael was born. I chose for his representation of San Michele Arcangelo’s work from 1635 by Guido Reni, located in Rome, Church of Santa Maria Immacolata Concezione. I also used the one to model the archangel, behind it is the verses of the Preci Leonine of 1884, which reports the text:

“… Sancte Míchaël Archángele,

defénde nos in praélio;

contra nequítiam et insídias diaboli esto præsídium. … “

“… St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in the fight;

be our help against the evil and the pitfalls of the devil. … “

Above the angel, a diamond inscribed in the sun, which is the light of knowledge. The architecture of the ring if on a Byzantine basis. Above all, I quoted Kant in the Critique of Practical Reason “the starry sky above me, the moral law in me” of 1788 with a Dominican Blue Amber.

Favarin Jewelry 7

What can we expect from Favarin jewelry in the future? 

I want to expand my art in Europe and confront new ideas. I am particularly fascinated by Gassan’s 121 diamonds. I could evaluate something with those fantastic gems, but maybe I should talk to him first 🙂 and I would also like to deepen my studies on ancient jewelry.

Jewelry is a Medium 

‘’I think a jewel is a medium, as I am a medium. I have no idea where my creativity starts. Sometimes something guides me in form; I simply see it at some point. This energy could have different names. I call it energy, others call it God, soul, creativity. 

I am, as Gustavo Rol said, a gutter where water passes. So are the jewels for me. The real jewels are those that are handed down, they are transepochal as they go beyond the concept of time and space as they are. They do not belong to us; they allow us to know each other”.


One of the things I believe have always been important is the story. Story behind a designer, story behind a project, a brand, an object. Today, storytelling has become a marketing term, but one that rightfully gains a lot of attention. 

What I love about Simone Favarin’s jewelry is his story. What I also love is his willingness, his open-mindedness to really listen to the client. For a designer, it’s a fine line sometimes to do bespoke work. There is all that crazy, intense, passionate involvement in the creativity of the designer, often including the strong wish to express themselves, even at the cost of the client. This isn’t all bad. In fact, when someone hires an architect or an artist, it’s not like hiring a plumber; you hire them for their input, ideas, fantasy, their ability to create something tangible by listening to their clients. But Simone takes it a step further and almost shows something that I would like to call intelligent empathy. 

He filled his life and his background with so many different things and he brings all that to the table in his designs and work. That is a treasure that I personally see as incredibly valuable. The fact that he actively works with Gieffe Patrimoni shows me that he understands the need for cross-collaboration. 

How one strengthens the other. Simone Favarin is this magnificent intelligent person who creates, in my opinion, one of the most intellectual mindful jewelry out there. Work with Simone and open your world! 

Visit Favarinjewels.com! 

Instagram: @favarinjewels

As Byzantine shop online: https://favarinjewels.com/shop

Visit Gieffepatrimoni.com! 

Instagram: @gieffepatrimoni

Jewelry Photo © Alessandra CM Clerici / https://www.instagram.com/acmclerici/

Model: Caterina Coggiola / https://www.instagram.com/cate_claire/

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#260 3 Key Metrics to Supercharge Your Online and E-Commerce Sales

What would it take to make at least one sale on your website every single day?

Nearly every designer I know wants to increase their online sales. Especially now!

But I’m tired of seeing designers busting their butts to improve their business without actually measuring the results.

There are ways to see what’s working – and what’s not working – so you can spend your time making data-driven decisions and focusing on what actually gets measurable results.

No more shots in the dark, no more burning yourself out for little to no improvement.

These are the 3 key metrics you need to measure (and boost!) to supercharge your online and e-commerce sales. 

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I had a designer reach out to me because, according to her, she was getting lots of traffic to her website but not actually making any sales.

My follow-up was: “Well are you looking at unique visitors, or just website sessions?”

Turns out, most of those numbers were coming from the same people – herself and her team – and very few were actual customers.

Don’t fall into this trap, when you’re measuring traffic make sure you’re looking at unique website visitors – that’s the number that counts.


Good e-commerce website conversion averages at about 1%. That means you need to be drawing in 100 unique visitors every day to make one sale.

Depending on where you’re at in business, that could seem like a lot. But trust me m’dear, it is more than achievable with the right marketing strategy.

If your conversion is below 1%, that means it’s time to take a hard look at your website and how you can improve the buyer journey.

I provide some concrete strategies for improving your traffic and conversion in the full podcast episode above!

Customer Loyalty

The best source of ongoing sales is repeat customers.

It takes time to develop a loyal fanbase of Dream Clients who want to buy from you over and over again. The best way to measure and improve this effort is through email marketing.

There are three email marketing metrics that really matter:

  • Open Rate: How many people open your email. Ideally between 15-25%.
  • Click Through Rate: How many people click the link in the email. Ideally at least 3%.
  • Click to Open Rate: Of the people who open the email, how many of them click through. Ideally 20-30%, though it varies based on your segmentation.

Do you want to improve your metrics? Listen to the full episode above for a list of best practices that will help you boost those numbers!

xo, Tracy


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How To Make A Tension Set Ring

open ring shank laying flatStone setting provides a wealth of opportunities to build on your jewellery making skill set. From the classic prong setting to the more elaborate pavé setting, there is a technique for every level.

Today however, we will be focusing on the tension setting. In this guide, we’ll talk you through how to make a tension ring step by step, as well as further information on what the setting is and the different sorts of tools you’ll have to collect. Ready to get started?

Discover everything you need to know about tension setting rings, below.

What is a Tension Setting?

So, what is a tension setting? Before we delve into the method of making a tension set diamond ring, let’s go through what makes this technique unique. The main feature to note is the fact that it is not held in by prongs or a bezel, but pressure. This means that only a select few types of stone can be used, including diamonds, rubies, moissante and sapphires. With two pieces of metal running along either side of the stone to hold it in place, all dimensions need to be carefully measured to ensure the stone is held securely.

Tools Needed for Creating a Tension Setting Ring

To try this advanced technique, you’ll need to pick up these key pieces of kit:

Step by Step Tension Set Ring Tutorial

Now you know what the tension setting is and the tools you’ll need for the job, here’s how to make a tension set ring, step by step:

  1. Manipulate the wire. Take the square wire (in an alloy of your choosing) and measure out the length of the ring. Once this is done, wearing your gloves, wrap the wire around the mandrel using your hand torch and pliers as you go. Do this until the wire overlaps on each side by a quarter of the circumference of the ring, keeping it as tight as possible. <strong>Top Tip!</strong> The gentler you are with the grip on the wire, the less damaged it will be, meaning you can use more of the metal.
  2. Trim the ends. Next, place the wrapped wire in the ring clamp then proceed to cut the excess ends off. Do this by using your Dremel with a thin cutting wheel and make sure that the cut is as perpendicular as possible.
  3. Straighten and prepare the ring. The previous overlap will have caused the ring to curve slightly, so it’s time to straighten it out. This will help to secure the stone. Place the ring in a bench vice with wool to protect against scratches, slowly apply pressure and keep checking the ring to see when it is perfectly straight. Once done, place the ring back in the vice and use your calipers to score the diameter of the stone onto the metal. Then, use the same cutting wheel and use the needle file to neaten up the edges.
  4. Cut the seat. Test to see if the stone fits in the gap. If it does, you’re ready to make the seat. If not, you may need to go back in with the step above to create the right sized gap. Using your Dremel tool with a small hart burr, cut a seat for the stone on both of the insides of the ring, in the middle and roughly 0.5mm from the top. Top tip! If you’re new to this practice, try your hand at cutting some seats in the leftover metal.
  5. Set the stone. In order for the right amount of tension to be created, you’ll need to clamp the ring in the vice, with the gap on its side so you can see it closing in. Then, slowly squeeze the clamp until the ends touch. Take out the ring, open the gap temporarily to fit the stone and hold in place. Once you hear that ever so satisfying click, you’re good to go!

Feel like giving this technique a go yourself? Now you know how to make a tension set ring, collect all the bullion and jewellery tools you need for this and all of your other jewellery making projects. And if you’re looking for some inspiration, be sure to browse through our vast range of blogs in the equipment and technique focus section of our site.


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How to use Mica Powder

Looking to add a little extra flare to your resin jewellery? Mica is designed to add a touch of glamour to a range of craft projects. So, whether you’re just starting out in jewellery making or are looking to add another trick up your sleeve, find out how to use mica powder to create unique, pearlescent and shimmering effects that everyone will love.mica powder uk

What is Mica Powder?

If you’re a beginner when it comes to enamelling, you may be wondering “what is mica pigment powder exactly?” – because there’s often some confusion around the differences between mica and pigment. Mica is a natural stone mineral that contains small, shiny flakes.

It is then ground down to form mica powder – a shimmer pigment that looks like a very fine glitter and is available in a vast range of colours. This mineral is used to add colour and shimmer to epoxy resin, soap, candles, cosmetics and even translucent polymer clay. Although mica differs to pigment powder, as its main purpose is to create a sparkling or shiny effect, whereas pigments are the colours themselves.

How to use Mica Powder at Home?

Mica powder is a versatile substance that can be used in a variety of different ways. You can fully mix it in with your epoxy resin, swirl in a small amount to create a galaxy effect or even just flick some onto your design to create a speckled finish. Check out our video below for a small demonstration on how to use mica powder:


Wondering how to make mica powder and epoxy resin into a combined mixture? To mix your resin and mica together, take a mixing stick and stir gently to form the iridescent shimmer. You’ll find that just a small amount provides good cover and dispersion, with light-reflecting micro particles creating luminous effects. Here are some ideas for how to use mica powder at home:

  • Add a small amount to clear resin to form a shimmery, pearlescent effect.
  • Carefully swirl a small amount into coloured resin to form dreamy, space-like effects.
  • Mix into coloured resin to create shimmery shades.
  • Mix two or more powders together to form new colours and create unique colours and designs.
  • Take a cocktail stick with some mica on the end and flick it onto your resin artwork for a fun, unique effect.
  • Using a small, wet paintbrush, take a small amount of mica and swill it around on a palette to make it wet. Then simply paint it on to your chosen design! This method also works well with things like dried flowers as you can paint it almost anywhere.
  • Adding mica powder to acrylic paint is also a great way to add depth to your artwork.

When it comes to learning how to use mica powder, always remember that a little goes a long way.

How to use mica powder in jewellery making

Now you’ve got a grip on the different ways to use mica, incorporating it into your jewellery designs is easy. Need some ideas to help get you started? Here’s some inspiration on how to use mica powder in jewellery making:

  • Create moonstone effects by taking small amounts of the powder and mixing it into epoxy resin. This design works particularly well with a teardrop pendant bezel and a few flakes of gold leaf sheet.
  • Got some faulty gemstones that you can’t use? Mix your epoxy resin and powder and fill a round pendant bezel 1/3 of the way full (the deeper the better, or you may have to break up your gemstone a little more). Take your stones and break them up into smaller pieces. Using tweezers, place your crushed pieces into the resin and then pour over more resin until the bezel is full. Leave part of the gemstone pieces uncovered to create a fine druzy effect, and use different shades of the same colour gemstone to add an even more unique effect.
  • Create a pendant using sheet metal and jewellery stamps to form designs on the surface of the metal. Take some powder on a wet paint brush and lightly paint over the stamping. Use multiple colours to create a unique effect. This is a great way to brighten up your basic necklace designs – also ideal for drop earrings, too.
  • Making clay jewellery? Mix the powder in with raw clay to add colour or brush the pigment on to your moulded piece, sealing it with a finish over the top.

Learn how to use mica powder with Cooksongold

At Cooksongold, we sell a range of mica powders that are vegan friendly, cruelty-free and ethically sourced. From iridescent mica powder to brighter colours that will add a pop of colour to your designs. We also have a selection of epoxy resin and equipment to help you bring your designs to life – including bezels, mixing tools and the colours themselves. You’ll find everything you need at Cooksongold.

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19 Super Colorful Earrings you MUST check out!


TRESOR tourmaline, mandarin Garnet, Tsavorite garnet, tanzanite, diamond earrings


We all could use some good news after months of struggling with the current health crisis. It’s not to make light of it, but it’s such an interesting time too. We explore ourselves, our moods, our family. We see who we become when we are in lockdown. Were you in PJ’s all day too? Tell me the truth 😉


Adding color to your wardrobe can give you a boost of confidence. I am not the most daring person with color in my wardrobe, but I love it in jewelry! Color is big this season, even though trends and fashion aren’t playing the big role as before the crisis yet, we do like to see and observe the current longing for color as a bit of a trend. 

I made a selection, just to get you inspired. Whether you search for these earrings or opt for something similar, I hope you feel the joy too when you try on a pair of colorful earrings!

COLOR EARRINGS Jewelry Alex Soldier

ALEX SOLDIER Carved Carnelian and rutilated quartz. They can be worn without the pendant.


BRUMANI, Baobab Collection Earrings, cabochon aquamarine, rose tourmaline, brown diamonds, and rubies

COLOR EARRINGS Jewelry Charles Zuber

CHARLES ZUBER Purple Royal Rhodolite, garnet and hand-carved tsavorites

COLOR EARRINGS Jewelry DanielaVillegas

DANIELA VILLEGAS Do-Re-Mi earrings with tourmalines


DIOR Cher Dior, multi-gemstone earrings; pink, yellow, purple and blue sapphires, emeralds, rubies, demantoid garnet, spessartite garnet, Paraiba tourmaline, diamonds


DJAYA LEVY multi gemstones earrings


ERINESS 14kt gold multi-colored earrings

COLOR EARRINGS Jewelry Grainne Morton

GRAINNE MORTON Cameo drop earrings

COLOR EARRINGS Jewelry Grainne Morton 1

GRAINNE MORTON multi-color, cameo drop earrings

COLOR EARRINGS Jewelry Grainne Morton 2


COLOR EARRINGS Jewelry Jane Taylor

JANE TAYLOR multi-colored hoops!


J JEWELS freshwater pearls and gemstone earrings


VRAM one-of-a-kind- chandelier earrings. Marquise shaped sapphires and diamonds

COLOR EARRINGS Jewelry Wendy Yue

WENDY YUE Jade earrings


MOUSSON ATELIER Magic Carpet Earrings


NOOR FARES Amethyst earrings


RUFFIER 8ct gold earrings with pink sapphires, yellow sapphires, and rubies

Page Sargisson

PAGE SARGISSON Sapphire earrings in gold





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