#260 3 Key Metrics to Supercharge Your Online and E-Commerce Sales

What would it take to make at least one sale on your website every single day?

Nearly every designer I know wants to increase their online sales. Especially now!

But I’m tired of seeing designers busting their butts to improve their business without actually measuring the results.

There are ways to see what’s working – and what’s not working – so you can spend your time making data-driven decisions and focusing on what actually gets measurable results.

No more shots in the dark, no more burning yourself out for little to no improvement.

These are the 3 key metrics you need to measure (and boost!) to supercharge your online and e-commerce sales. 

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I had a designer reach out to me because, according to her, she was getting lots of traffic to her website but not actually making any sales.

My follow-up was: “Well are you looking at unique visitors, or just website sessions?”

Turns out, most of those numbers were coming from the same people – herself and her team – and very few were actual customers.

Don’t fall into this trap, when you’re measuring traffic make sure you’re looking at unique website visitors – that’s the number that counts.


Good e-commerce website conversion averages at about 1%. That means you need to be drawing in 100 unique visitors every day to make one sale.

Depending on where you’re at in business, that could seem like a lot. But trust me m’dear, it is more than achievable with the right marketing strategy.

If your conversion is below 1%, that means it’s time to take a hard look at your website and how you can improve the buyer journey.

I provide some concrete strategies for improving your traffic and conversion in the full podcast episode above!

Customer Loyalty

The best source of ongoing sales is repeat customers.

It takes time to develop a loyal fanbase of Dream Clients who want to buy from you over and over again. The best way to measure and improve this effort is through email marketing.

There are three email marketing metrics that really matter:

  • Open Rate: How many people open your email. Ideally between 15-25%.
  • Click Through Rate: How many people click the link in the email. Ideally at least 3%.
  • Click to Open Rate: Of the people who open the email, how many of them click through. Ideally 20-30%, though it varies based on your segmentation.

Do you want to improve your metrics? Listen to the full episode above for a list of best practices that will help you boost those numbers!

xo, Tracy


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