#258 Birthday Episode – Change Your Story with Jason Ayers

Happy Birthday to Flourish & Thrive Academy!

8 years ago Robin and I committed to demystifying the jewelry industry and helping designers find their spark and build businesses that support their creativity.

Since then, F&TA has undergone a LOT of transformations, because we’re always staying on the cutting edge of the everchanging jewelry industry.

And we have even more big changes in store…

So, I wanted to do things a little differently this week, something that aligns with our goals to continuously improve as a brand.

I invited my man Jason Ayers back on to talk about how to shift your mindset to benefit your success.

Part of our transformative plans for F&TA means Jason will be joining our Momentum Mastermind Program (formerly SOS) as a Success Mindset Coach.

Because even if you’re doing everything else right in business, a negative headspace means you’ll always be getting in your own way.

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Be Honest With Yourself

Humans are meaning-making machines. We’re designed to generalize and tell stories; it’s part of our survival.

Here’s the thing, the stories we tell ourselves, the generalizations we make, they’re not always true. But we often accept them as truth without checking the evidence.

The story you’re telling yourself, the generalizations you’re making, are you certain they’re 100% true? Most likely not.

Do The Thing That Scares You

It’s these untrue stories that create the fears holding us back.

Whether you’re afraid of getting rejected, what people will think, failing, etc… your brain is telling you these potential negative outcomes are worse than not doing anything at all. 

But here’s the beautiful part: you get to control the stories you tell yourself. Getting rejected just means that person wasn’t your Dream Client. Failure is just an opportunity to reevaluate and try again.

Upgrade Your Thinking

You’re in control of your stories.

That means there’s endless opportunity for you to change the stories that are holding you back and make this positive reframing process a part of your daily habits.

Easier said than done, I know. But we’re here to walk you through it.

Listen to the full episode above to go through an exercise with us that will help you let go of negative stories and push you closer to where you want to be.

xo, Tracy


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