#254 How to Use Tik Tok For Your Jewelry or Creative Product Business with Elise Darma

How do you achieve freedom and financial independence? By taking risks.

Elise Darma rebelled against her traditional upbringing and chose the freedom to travel instead of being tied down to a job. 

She made her dream come true when she started her own business providing social media marketing services. 

Social media is integral, now more than ever, to running your business – but learning a new platform can be intimidating. 

Elise is here today to give us advice on how to help your business thrive in a whole new way.

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Don’t Worry, Everyone Feels “Too Old” for Tik Tok

TikTok is notoriously used by teenagers. 

When you first open an app, you are bombarded with trends and songs that are completely unfamiliar. Don’t let this deter you! Everyone feels the same way at first.

You don’t need to sing or dance to draw attention. As long as your videos are targeted towards your niche demographic and have a creative flair, your Dream Clients will take notice!

Take A Break From Needing to Look Perfect

Instagram content is expected to look staged and perfect. TikTok is totally the opposite.

There is a freedom in using TikTok that you just don’t find on other social platforms. It’s meant to be silly, so use your creativity to your advantage.

If you make your Dream Client laugh, they’ll wanna know more about your business! That’s all you need to do, m’dear.

Put Yourself Out There and Try It

Like all things, marketing on Tik Tok will take some trial and error. But it doesn”t take long to get the hang of!

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. 

Elise has graciously given lots of great tips on her youtube channel if you want some inspiration to get started.

xo, Tracy


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